Matthew Calderwood


Today I'm going to do more research about color theory and try to find a good color for my font. So far black looks awful, but I don't know what else would work.

I also want to get my about me page working and get some of the other pages looking like they are actual pages, not just blank white sheets.

I moved the into about me to the actually about me and added a visual index which I think looks cool but is kind of redundant because I have the standard links up top in the nav bar.


Today I started my portfolio site. I have an intro and a basic navigation and an attempt at a semi attractive color scheme. I showed it to Kieri and she says it looks good but who knows if it really does. I have enjoyed creating it so far, using the reset sheet made things work better, even though I had to specify some more but overall i liked it. I also added links to my social media pages which I may or may not delete. Will probably find actual buttons from the respective companies to replace the standard links I did to make it look better.

I also decided last minute to add on this blog attempt thing to record what I'm doing or trying to do on the website.

I think I need to do more research on design and color theory especially so I can figure out what looks good and what does not.